About E3 Worldwide Transportation

Our Dedication to Quality Service

Global economy changes, including US economy challenges, create a situation where cost for services is becoming a major factor. A lot of purchasers/retail customers are buying car services based on price only. At E3 Worldwide Transportation we understand our customers’ sensitivity to car service pricing, and we have never changed our pricing structure; it has remained the same for years; however, we feel that price isn’t everything.  Our approach to that is that all depends on what you are purchasing. Is price important? Sure it is. But no price is a good price if you don’t get high quality service.

Our Chauffeurs – Dedicated to Quality and Excellence

In these challenging times E3 Worldwide Transportation is focusing on the highest quality of service we can provide, investing in state-of-the-art technology and hiring highly trained chauffeurs who drive our customers to their destinations while ensuring a courteous and safe ride.

Before we hire someone to be a chauffer we conduct a background and criminal check.  Our chauffeurs have full-day, in-class training sessions where they learn etiquette skills, advanced driving skills, and take written tests. They conduct test drives on the road with instructors in order to learn routes and demonstrate and polish their driving skills.

We pay close attention to our staff members because we know how important it is to retain veteran staff members for our clients.

The Human Factor

We do not underestimate the human factor in our industry, and we want to help our customers get the best service available. We’ve invested in a robust driver system and also integrated GPS tracking modules in all vehicles. These help us run a more efficient operation and earn our clients’ trust.

Commitment to Quality Service

We do not think of ourselves as a limousine company or as a luxury transportation company only; these days we also consider ourselves a transportation logistics and management company. We have the equipment to provide this type of service; but most importantly our focus is on the human aspect of the service. We have the best staff to do what is needed to make sure we manage all special event situations, and our goal and commitment is to offer the best quality of service in anything we do.