On Monday morning a phone rang in our office. Jonathan from Ericsson had a very unusual request.Ericsson wanted to show off their new cutting edge cellular tower equipment already installed all over Dallas Metroplex while moving from tower to tower and presenting various technical data on the big screen TV inside a vehicle. Basically, we had to recreate your typical conference room environment (perimeter seating and large projection display) in one of our limousines.
The main difficulty was that limousines only have small flat screen TVs good for music videos and movies and mini-buses do not have perimeter seating. We had to step up and think of something else. A Dallas Limo Bus was a good option, but it required heavy modification to the way video is rendered between multiple TVs inside the bus. The good news was that we did have a 30 inch, state of the art flat screen in one of our buses. The bad news was that all the inputs for the TV were behind 2 inch thick wall and there was no good way to get there without taking the bus apart. Our operations manager spent the rest of the day on the phone with local technology experts trying to figure out how to convert digital signal from presenter’s laptop to analog TV input that we had available on the front panel. After a few visits to the store, we had about 5 different converters to work with, miles of various cables and 2 industrial strength duty power inverters to keep laptops charging in the bus. The next morning operations manager, our staff mechanic and a limo bus chauffeur spent trying to assemble a device that will provide a good quality signal to both TVs in the bus while powering itself and the laptop attached to it. Countdown to the scheduled trip at that point was 24 hours. After hours of trying different devices and combinations we finally got a signal. ….But, the bad news again was that the signal was converted so much; it was hard to clearly see the text on the screen. At that point we decided to built a permanent solution instead and run digital cable all the way from the back of the TV through the back wall of the bus. After talking to bus manufacturer and after few hours of drilling and patching we had a cable neatly tucked in behind the seats of the limo bus. Power inverters were installed, chauffeur was trained on how to attach a laptop to the TV and the bus went off to the car wash. Countdown to the trip time– 10 hours.

Next morning we had our operations manager meet the client at their headquarters to make sure everything was connected properly and off they went on a 12 hour tour of cell towers. Spring thunderstorms rolled through the city after lunch and while our client’s equipment performed flawlessly in the pouring rain, our own equipment held it’s own too. Our client and their customers were extremely impressed and are planning to schedule few more sales presentations just like this one in the future.

For patrons interested in E3 Limo Dallas we take any customer requests very seriously and we are always working hard on meeting and exceeding their expectations. This is just one example of our way of exceeding our customer expectations and constantly delivering flawless service for our clients.

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