It’s now 89 days since the oil rig, the Deepwater Horizon, catastrophe that resulted in an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  As a result, over 180 million gallons of oil have been leaked into the Gulf, making this the largest oil spill in history. Recently, BP implemented a cap for the leaking oil pipe, and as of today it seems to be working.  More can be read about it here.

For the most part, Texas has avoided ramifications from the spill; however, on July 5 CBS news reported that tar balls, coagulated masses of oil, have reached Texas beaches.  More can be read here.  Although BP claims these tar bars are not the result of drifting oil, but rather oil sticking to ship hulls, there is still great concern about the moving mass of oil, which has already reached the beaches of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

While our Dallas limousine service remains mostly unaffected by the spill, as do most businesses in the Dallas – DFW area, we hope and pray for Texans living along the coast, many of whom make their living by fishing the Gulf of Mexico.  As an independent Texas business owner, my heart goes out to those whose livelihoods may be severely damaged by this catastrophe.  Thankfully, the bulk of the oil spill has not reached Texas, and much of the oil appears to be heading east, but some of the oil has made it to west Louisiana, and that is a great concern of Texans.