At E3 Worldwide Transportation we have seen many sights in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our clients have asked us to just drive them around the city in one of our limousines or luxury sedans to look for sights, tourist attractions, and just some things to do in Dallas. In this time we’ve hammered some locations into our heads for clients that ask us “What’s the best restaurant in town?” or “Are there any good night clubs around here?” We’re going to share some of these tourist attractions in Dallas and some overall things to do in Dallas.

  • Restaurants – Everyone needs to eat, and when you’re out for a night on the town, or just for a romantic evening, everyone wants to know what the best restaurant in town is. Dallas is known for being the city of steaks, but there are many different tastes to try in this beautiful city! The “best” restaurant is an opinion, but many local restaurants that get great reviews are the Lockhart Smokehouse, Pappas Bros Steakhouse, and Mi Piaci for Italian lovers.
  • Museums/Zoos – Dallas has many different attractions for those looking to party all night, but for those who are a  bit more relaxed, there are some other things to do in Dallas that do not require deep pockets. The World Aquarium, the zoo, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Meadows Museum, and the George W. Bush Presidential Center.
  • Parks – Dallas has some of the most beautiful parks around, such as Fair Park and Klyde Warren Park. However, if you’re looking for some extreme entertainment, we also have an amusement park! Zero Gravity is a highly rated theme park that is fun for all ages. They have 5 thrill rides ranging from a roller coaster to falling 130 feet to be caught by a net. This is the place to go for thrill seekers!
  • Nightclubs – For the all-night partiers, take a ride over to one of our lively nightclubs. The most popular nightclubs (according to are Avenu, Teddy’s Room, Dragonfly, and Plush. These are all popular destination choices, but each have slightly different feels them.
  • Downtown – If you don’t want to take our word for it, let us take you for a ride in downtown Dallas and see if anything jumps out at you that you find interesting or fun. Taking a limo through downtown Dallas is never disappointing because the town is truly alive down there and the party never stops…at least not until you get hungry and look for food!

There are an endless amount of things to do in Dallas, but what you do depends on your personal preference. No matter what you choose to do, a Dallas limo company can get you where you want to go in style. If you can’t find some things to do in Dallas, just take a ride around town and see what you find.

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Don’t just take our word on it though. Check out the Yelp reviews for the companies mentioned: