D/FW AIRPORT — A North Texas woman returned home from a business trip and found her car on blocks in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport parking garage. Sarita Peterson said she paid extra money to park in the short-term parking area because she knew she’d be returning late. Even in the dark, she could tell her Honda Civic was sitting lower than normal.“They took the tires, wheels, lug nuts,” she said. “They did leave me with two broken jacks.” Peterson said she paid $17 per day to park in short-term parking because she thought it would be the safest place to park. She said she’ll end up paying nearly $1,000 after this incident.“There’s crime everywhere,” airport spokesman David Magana said. “There is not a police department in the world that can prevent every crime.”Peterson will have to wait until Monday for an insurance adjustor to look at her car since it’s a holiday weekend. An airport official said Peterson will not have to pay $17 per day until then. Copyright 2007 by nbc5i.com

Stolen wheels at DFW airport

There is a rule at E3 Limo Dallas, we never leave our vehicles unattended at DFW parking garages for more than 30 minutes. It is almost amazing that we are pretty much guaranteed a door ding or a scratch on one of our cars every time we leave them in the garage in order to pick-up a customer at the baggage claim. Also, how much money and time Ms. Peterson would have saved by taking one of our Dallas limos to the DFW airport instead of taking her own car?